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[SIZE=4]1) M8 cpu compatible code, with sound effects (a/c + sfx)[SIZE=4]2) Nowadays, "jazzier" than other programs:[SIZE=4] A) it's free and open source (free software) - and:[SIZE=4] B) it has a nice list-based interface.[SIZE=4]3) Use your SoundManager to play sounds from the LIST- of sounds.[SIZE=4]4) Some people use just the Noiser program directly, from the console.[SIZE=4]5) Cross Platforms - works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.[SIZE=4]6) Nowadays Noiser was made with the "Fairphone".[SIZE=4]7) High quality DSP code (consisting of all the sound files your app needs)[SIZE=4]8) MIDI can now be added: Noiser can be controlled from a MIDI Keyboard. (WYSIWYG)[SIZE=4]9) Seperate programs (to change tempo and/or volume):[SIZE=4] A) piano and drums - great, fast tempo[SIZE=4] B) guitar, drums, piano, bass - wuite slow tempos[SIZE=4] C) The Bass is great![SIZE=4]10) Hardcoded can be changed - WYSIWYG (EASY)[SIZE=4]11) More than 12 levels of volume[SIZE=4]12) "Dark Mode" for easy use in the dark (or make everything bright!)[SIZE=4]13) MIDI support[SIZE=4]14) Footsteps can now be added (WYSIWYG)[SIZE=4]15) presets are in memory[SIZE=4]16) If you don't want to port the sound code to the M8 cpu, the code is in CSV format.[SIZE=4]17) The control-panel for MIDI sounds (list) can be used with other audio programs.[SIZE=4]18) Noiser now comes with 3 modes:[SIZE=4] A) Music,[SIZE=4] B) Bass Only,[SIZE=4] C) Drum-Only[SIZE=4] 08929e5ed8


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